Don’t stop

Once, take a deep breath while looking in the mirror, look into your eyes, and look again without averting your eyes… then, if you had a choice between stopping and continuing, if it was me, say don’t stop. Each of us experiences a lot of good-bad, pain-joy. During laughing, unexpected things happen to us. The … Read more

Who am I…

It’s a tricky question. Asking oneself, Who am I? Your age or status doesn’t matter much to question who you are. However, with time, everything changes—your political views, life purpose, excitements, eating, drinking, etc. It’s also a question that’s hard to answer for me. For example, I never once aimed to be rich. I did … Read more

Dear Bro; Two days

Marinica, for a long time , could not type. I was in Macedonia for our student social responsibility project, at International Balkan University. Wonderful two days left. Dr. Liza Alili, Prof. Violeta, Prof. Afrim…. I would like to thank to them for their great hospitality. It’s nice to be abroad again after a long time. … Read more

Dear Marinica,

Today is a good day. Greetings to Romania… The spring shows her face. The better days coming. The rain and cold took much time. With the new babies and good weather, feeling the nature clean air… I do not want to make me remember inflation and virus much, cause human is getting used to living … Read more

Just a wish

i wish my father kissed me as much as i kissed you… life is a bird, it flies not visible. It is an eternal memory that cannot be erased from the heart. if fate does erase it one day, keep my name as a souvenir. trees rot, people die. if i die, my lifeless dream … Read more

we’re not a special snowflake

I love this sentence. (Although it has a very painful past in the historical process, the fingers of the Indian fabric masters were cut by the British.) We all think ourselves to be invaluable. however, everything and everyone has new ones that will be replaced one day. We are very rude. very unseemly. We spend … Read more

Happy new year dear,

you know, another year is over one week later and another day is missing from our life. always running when we open our eyes every morning. we can’t reach anything. when the night knocks and closes our eyes, many things come to our minds. and we often put our heads on the pillow with anxiety. … Read more

Two minutes

Two minutes, yes just 120 seconds… like an insignificant time. It’s a chapter in a lifetime that we probably never think about. 2 minutes before and after. It’s not all about two minutes. It’s all about before and after. Our reaction between before and after. yes, let’s think about how many glasses of water we … Read more

Dear Mari,

Brother for a long time I’ve not shared a new letter. How is going, how you spend your moments…. Nowadays, I am at village, mostly sleeping due to illness but ıts over ı think, Just I have terrıble cough. I dont know how I may withstand it. But lets wait what time brings. Half of … Read more