Today’s world is challenging with the lot of competitions. As the world moving towards the technology, we build ourselves like a “Robot”. We lost ourselves in the love of money, success, fame and technology etc. But it is not our fault, it’s the need of today’s era. We are human beings, we have something more than our body. We have “SOUL”. So, try to meet your soul. Take some time for yourselves. Basically, we are not like that we are looking. Try to meet yourself inside you. As our body need food to grow, our soul has also need food to survive.

So the soul’s food is smile, peace, inner satisfaction and good deeds etc. Below is some tactics to collect tasty meals for soul. J

1. Spread smiles on other’s face: Take some time from your busy routine and help those who are needy but don’t say anyone. Seriously, when you solve their problems and they see towards you by a smiling face. There must be a feeling appear in your heart. This feeling is your soul. That is the time to meet your soul. You may do this by providing food to the poor people or labors beside the road, by paying fee of a needy student and even by helping an old man to cross the road. When these type of people smile and give you wishes, trust me that will be the best moment you felt in your life.

2. Sit alone for few minutes: After a long hectic day, give some time to yourself. Think about you. Who are you? Are you that person that you should be? We can easily say anything about others. We can easily criticize them. So, what you say about yourself? Think what your inner person (who is a pure, cute and kind) want and asking from you. We all always try to work hard to fulfill our wishes but these are tangible. When you realize your inner side and wishes of your person. Again that is the time when you meet your soul.

3. Spend time with children: Another way of meeting with soul is spend some time with children. The reason is that our soul is also like a child. It is pure and cute. We are good or bad, we build up ourselves in that way. Actually, every person is good and kind but we hide that person in any corner of our body. Try to encourage that person which is our soul.

At the end, every person is beautiful, caring, and kind but we lost in the battle of money and technology. So, this is the time to say welcome back yourself and make our environment friendly.

Respect others, love others and care others.

Fatima, Pakistan

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