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International Conference on Technology-Enhanced Language Learning and Teaching & Corpus-based Language Learning and Teaching 2024 (TeLLT & CoLLT 2024), 3 – 5 July 2024, The Education University of Hong Kong

The jointly held TeLLT 2024 conference and CoLLT 2024 conference aim to bring together academics from around the world to report on their various research work related to technology-enhanced language learning and teaching (TeLLT), and corpus-based language learning and teaching (CoLLT). As TeLLT and CoLLT are gaining momentum in this digitized world, we hope that, through the two jointly held conferences, we can promote Hong Kong as a hub for academic exchanges and collaborations in the area of technology-enhanced language learning and teaching, and corpus-based language learning and teaching. We welcome scholars and researchers to report their studies on technology-enhanced (including corpus-based) learning and teaching of English, Putonghua, Cantonese, and other modern languages (e.g., French, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, etc.)

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