Customer Expectation

Your strong belief or hope that the person presumes that he will get something or will happen for his good, is EXPECTATION. And the presumption about “what the service provider will intend to provide the customer in his service” will leads to CUSTOMER EXPECTATION. As customer rules in the world of the economic market, customer expectations play a vital role in service providers’ ability to attract new and loyal customers as well as to retain existing customers. So the service provider needs to set expectations for delivery of service and to set those he needs to plan accordingly by raising hopes of the customer to turn their negative expectation into a positive one.

For example, a vehicle repair is going to take four hours, instead, promise it in five hours. That way, the customer will be pleasantly surprised when it’s completed in four hours. The customer may not like the idea of waiting, but as long as the service provider is pleasant and professional in setting expectations, they’ll more than likely accept what you say.


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