A happy new year with your beloved ones

To be able to understand InTraders, you should join our events. No need more words…

Publishing and trying to caress the soul of researchers is our mission.

As InTraders, we conducted 4 international conferences, 8 conference books(4 abstract books, 4 proceeding books), 2 issues of InTraders Journal and an international book.

We run 2 social responsibility projects, one in Pakistan the other was in Romania. We encourage students to write better to think better.

We visited many universities in Romania, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Kosova and Turkey.

The next program is to join a program in India and run next student competition in another country then The 5th InTraders Conference 13-17 April 2020, İstanbul.

In 2020 we wish to establish our publishing house to publish international academic books.

In 2020 we wish to conduct 6th InTraders Conference out of Turkey.

In 2020, we wish to publish international books and new issues of InTraders Journal.

In 2020 we wish to visit foreign universities again for better studies.

As a result, we will keep on caressing the soul of researchers…

Thank you, dear followers…..

A happy new year with your beloved ones…

Be Our InTraders’ Author for Free of Registration to InTraders’ Conferences

The 5th InTraders International Conference On International Trade, 13-17 April 2020, İstanbul, Turkey


InTraders Academic Platform aims to provide contribution to education and social sciences through our International Spring Conferences, International Winter Conferences, International Autumn Conferences, Academic Journal, All Conference Alerts, and International Market Research. For your announcement request: info@intraders.org

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