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Turkey is a beautiful country with rich culture and historical background and innumerable religious monuments and Turkish people are very loving and friendly, these were the things which I had heard since my childhood and this was the reason  I had always a  wish in my heart to visit Turkey once in my life. My wish came true when one day I got an invitation from Mr. Kürşat to attend the InTraders international conference which was going to be held in October 2018  in Sakarya and  I immediately decided to attend this. It was a wonderful experience of my life. I was surprised to find that It’s not just a conference but a platform where you become a member of a family. I spent indelible moments, full of fun, laughing, singing and visiting alluring places. I still remembered gala dinner in which  Mr. Fahad and Mr. Denis sang together we enjoyed a lot as the nosh-up was fantastic and their song made it memorable. The Sakarya visit was made hilarious by funny jokes of  Mr. Bilal and Mr. Faizaan and with the kind hospitality of Mr. Kürşat and with the lovely companionship of Rabia, Ammara and Farhan Bhai. It was no doubt exceptionally memorable.

İstanbul Program

After Sakarya, we came to Istanbul, the city of historical heritage. When you come to Istanbul you are lost in the mesmerizing beauty and must-see attractions of Blue mosque, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, galata tower, Bosphorus, princess island and Grand Bazar. Istanbul offers an aura of intrigue and charm that appeals all visitor. It was a memorable and fantastic visit. Turkish people are hospitable I had heard it, but I experienced it well at the house of Ayşe when she invited us at dinner, by the way, she is the sister of Mr. Kurşat, both siblings are equally friendly and caring. Ayşe is now one of my good friends. She arranged a mouthwatering and scrumptious supper for us we really enjoyed there a lot.

 In short, this trip was so fantastic  and enchanting  that I decided to come again here with my entire family and then after 3 months I got in Istanbul again   but at  this time with a hope to make it our home and  I applied for job here  and now me and family are here and spending beautiful days within the  hypnotizing atmosphere of Istanbul. Alhamdulillah  ! ! !

Hina Zahoor, Pakistan

October 2018 Participant


The 4th InTraders International Conference On International Trade 7-9 October 2019 Turkey

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  1. After visiting Turkey Hina liked so much this country so she decided to shift from Pakistan to Turkey Istanbul . And she shifted . Really same think with me . I had listen about Turkey Istanbul beautiful country . Same I was invited by Mr Kürsat in April 2019 conference . Earlier I was thinking that I am going in new people whom. I dnt know .aBut after reaching there I saw really Turkish people are very nice friendly and loveable person . They can stole any one heart and they have stolen my heart .

  2. This is lubna Tahir from Pakistan I really like Hina true story and best wishes for her and family.

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