An Education System and its consequences on youth

Every country has its own education system and it varies from grade to grade. In the pre-nursery and nursery group, the education system focuses on Play and Learn. From standard one to standard eight, the education is generally no specialization. But once a student is in 9th grade, now its time to select a field for his further studies. It could be General sciences, BioSciences, IT, Humanities, etc. but the emphasize from grade 1 to 10 is the study and good grades. In the 10th standard, some students pass the exams, or some got field, the failed students must repeat the studies if they want to be promoted to the next level. And then they promoted to the next level. In the next level the same study, study, and study. Grades matters a lot. Student gets pressure from School, from Parents, and from the society too to work hard even cramming if they don’t get the actual concept of any syllabus. But the matter is a good grade. If they are getting the good grades, they are brilliant students they are outstanding but if they are not getting the good grades it means they are dumb?

Why somebody is not judged based on the intellectuals? Everybody has his own capability to do something. If somebody is good at cricket but not in studies, it doesn’t mean he is a failure or going to be a failure. If somebody is good at journalism and not good at Math or sciences, it doesn’t mean he is dumb and it’s your right to throw words on him. Youth are committing suicides. Our future leaders are getting depressed by this old educational system. This System should be changed if you’re protective of your children and future leaders.

Point to Be Ponder…

Sehar Shoukat, Pakistan
Assistant Administrator at the
California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences
and Psychology

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