Analysis Of The Dynamics Of The Number Of Tourists Beneficiary Of The Activities
Organized By Tourism Agencies In Romania Through The Use Of Computer

Tourism has become one of the most dynamic fields, due to the continuous adaptation to the
needs of tourists, who are under the strong influence of the transformations resulting from
economic development worldwide. Any change in the online promotion strategy of tourism
businesses must be considered during this period; it can lead either to the growth of the business
or its bankruptcy. Unfortunately, no matter how much data is analyzed and how many scenarios
are made, the market is no longer predictable, as it was until February 2020. The article is made
using the facilities offered by Excel in the analysis of tourism activity regarding the dynamics
of the number of Romanian tourists participating in the tourist actions organized by the tourism
agencies with the EU destination, as well as the short-term forecast of its level based on the
extension of the best trend determined according to the type of organizing tourism agencies,
having available public data of the National Institute of Statistics regarding Tourist Actions
organized by tourism agencies in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 2020 and Romania’s statistical
yearbooks for the period 2009-20201, data accessed on https://insse.ro/.
Keywords: Tourism Agencies, Romania, Computer Applications

Authors: Vătuiu Teodora, Matei Cer năianu Alice – Dalina

Source: https://www.intraders.org/archive/conference-book-archive/the-9th-intraders-international-conference-on-social-sciences-and-education-proceeding-book/

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