Arising PubTech Solutions (India)

Arising PubTech Solutions (A merger of ideas and thoughts) We master every skill in graphic designing/ Books layout designing and uplift your expectation to get the best-desired end result. We excel inputting your requirements with our ideology and bunch them up to produce a design of global standard that sums up to a high-class layout. We provide end-to-end solutions for all your design and printing related needs. We are serving to the Top Publishers and Organizations of the world for above two decades. Currently serving to our esteemed clients (For their Print Composition, Illustration Creation, Image Research, Digital content publishing and XML requirements)  like, College Board Education, Core Knowledge Education, Educe Inc, Hachette Books and Macmillan Publishing. 

We do provide the below services:-
  • Children’s Book/ Higher Education Book Design:– Market-specific design teams and support for the entire children’s content life cycle. Our Design Services includes –Page Layout Design, Creative Design, Cover and spine design, Template Design, Style sheet creations and Info-graphics etc for Math, Science, Medical, Geography, ELA for Grade K-12 and Higher Education.
  • Graphic Design Services:- Design and creation of Advertisements, Magazines,  News Papers, Logo Designing, Posters, Hoardings, Catalog Designing,  Leaflets, Calendars,  Comic strips Design, Users manual, Brochures, Leaf sheets, Coffee Table Book, Pamphlets and Packaging Designs, PPT Creations
  • Digital products:- Offering services for Story Boarding / Animation products, Voice-over and Editing. ePub3, PubMed, DTBooks, Digital Print companion Books, Content transformation and files conversion services include XML, PDF, HTML. Course development to meet the specific standards on a client’s LMS
  • Creative Illustrations:- Have a Creative team for creating Spot-art and full-page illustrations in both Vector and Raster forms to use for Print, animations, web and digital projects.
  • Technical Illustrations:- Have a technical Arts creation team for Graphs, Equations, Math Diagrams and Maps.
  • Scientific/Biological Illustrations:- Have skilled artists for creating scientific and Biological Illustrations and known for aesthetic looks.
  • Image Research and Permissions:- Offering services for Image research and procurement, Licensing, Meta Data creation, Re-touching Images, Invoicing and documentation related to the projects.
  • Journals
  • Project Management
  • Content Development/ Editorial services

We do have a team expert of:-

  • Creative Graphic Designers
  • Book Layout Designers
  • Content Development and Editorial Team (Collaboration with Emerson Content Agency the US)
  • Illustration experts [Creative/ Technical/ Medical]
  • Story Boarding/ Animation experts
  • Proof Reading and Quality check experts
  • XML Developers
  • HTML 5 Experts
  • ePub3 Developers
  • PubMed and DTBooks

If you require more information about us, I would be happy to share and discuss 🙂

Have a great day!

Best Regards

Ajay Sinha

Operation Head



Arising PubTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

(A merger of ideas and thoughts)


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