Be a lion, don’t be a dog!

People have so many dreams and desires, they always pay so much attention to the outer events but so little attention to their inner world. In their pursuit to achieve material things, comfort and fame, they forget to spend time alone, to meditate on the real purpose of life, on their true happiness.

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There is an Indian saying: “Be a lion, don’t be a dog!” which can be explained as it follows: if you throw a stick, a dog will follow it, but if you throw a stick to a lion, it won’t follow the stick but it will go to the person who threw it. Thus, we must limit our mundane concerns and pay more attention to our spiritual side. Whenever we feel tired or disappointed, or can’t achieve something, we should sit down, calm our minds and cogitate for a while on what really makes us happy.

Taking into account the worsening state of our planet, we should practice more and more contentment. Before undertaking something, think about the importance and necessity of that action, the way it can contribute to the betterment of the world. Stop chasing your worldly thoughts from time to time, and redirect your attention towards your inner world. So, be a lion, don’t be a dog!


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