BiSoft Information Technologies; IT company

BiSoft Information Technologies founded in 2010 is a knowledgeable IT company that is dealing with Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse projects, proven by its name in 2016 with certified by Oracle in the EMEA region excellence award in 2016. In addition these, BiSoft IT is also known with a successful national and international project.

The area of expertise is an important input to data and decision analysis. Today, accessing accurate and reliable information quickly is very important for companies. The companies decide on the investments to be made and the growth strategies by looking at their current and future situation.



It helps to create analytics reports tailored to the healthcare industry, to quickly return on investment and improve analytics thinking across the enterprise. 
It provides visual, quick and summary analyzes to increase the quality of service, to provide financial efficiency, and to increase operational efficiency by using data to organizations.


It deals with the recording and reporting of water sensor data from the scene. The client provides a scalable data writing and reporting infrastructure for its sensors. It can be integrated into the writing and reporting of all sensor data.

It can be integrated into the writing and reporting of all sensor data. The data supplied with http is first added to a queue. 
It is then transferred from the tail to the database in stages.


Business intelligence and data warehouse solution for retail sector.


Business intelligence and data warehouse solution for distribution( water, electricity, gases) sector.

BiSoft CRM

It is used to manage all sales and marketing processes, starting with the customers first touching the customers in the customer-focused sales processes. 
The important thing in business is related to the listing of all clients of the business, the identification and persistence of their wishes and needs for the formation of customer loyalty. In this way, the companies consist of two modules that can provide more intensive and bidirectional communication with the customers, which will be able to reach the customers in case of need and notify them when necessary.


Cloud-based pre-paid sales and distribution system


Cloud-based BiSoft OSGB ensures that all the occupational health and safety processes of companies are registered and trafficked. The firm, which is a user, provides a quality service thanks to the modules which have OSGB.


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