Bridging The Relationship Of Transformational Leadership And Turnover Intention With Mediating Effect Of Employee Engagement

Lect. Sobia Sultana
Department of Public Administration
Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, Pakistan
Lect. Shaista Jabeen
Department of Management Sciences
Lahore College for Women University Lahore, Pakistan

Today in driving organizations, the crucial part in accomplishing the objectives of the organizations is through effectual leadership. Considering the ultimate goal to stimulate employees, managers and leaders adopts a transformational leadership style. If there is a gap between the supervisory staff and the employees of the organization, there is a greater risk of a higher rate of employee turnover. The employee turnover ratio in the organization depends on the behavior of supervisory personnel. Transformational leadership is also considered as a potential precursor of employee engagement. It improves employees’ sense of commitment and enthusiasm for work among employees. Based upon deep down concepts of transformational leadership and turnover intention, this study is employing mediation analysis to investigate the causal relationship between transformational leadership, employee engagement and turnover intention among academic staff of business schools of Private Universities in Lahore, Pakistan. In this study, responses of 345 academic staff have been used based upon convenience sampling technique. Research findings of this study demonstrate the partial mediation between transformational leadership and turnover intentions through employee engagement. The study was cross-sectional in nature. Questionnaire was used to accumulate data from Business schools of 5 private sector universities through self-administered practice. The data was investigated by utilizing SPSS (Statistical package for social sciences) 22.0. Pearson correlation, descriptive statistics and mediation (through Andrew F.Hayes) were used to analyze data. Outcome generated revealed the significant negative relationship between dependent (turnover intention) and independent variables (transformational leadership) and employee engagement partially mediates the relationship between the variables.
Keywords: Transformational Leadership, Employee Engagement, Turnover Intention
JEL Code: M, M10

International Conference on International Trade Abstract Book/ editörler Kürşat Çapraz Irina Raluca Badea

İstanbul: Hiperlink Yayınları, 2018.



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