Building customer relations

Nowadays, the business develops, maintains and establishes relations with customers to achieve success and growth because, in today’s market, the customer is the king everything is produced according to the customer not according to the manufacturer.
Customer is nurtured in such a manner that it would help a business on how to gain a higher return. Under this segment, the relation is made in the following manner:
a) Customer is a stranger
When a customer has no pre-contract with business and business is generating efforts to make that contact with the help of advertisements and commercials, brand awareness, promotional events.
b) Customers are acquaintance
Under this customer is made familiar with the services. He/she is giving the best service to turn her/him into a permanent customer. He/she will come again and again to avail of your services and tell another 100 people.
c) Customer become friends
As time passes, customers become friends and started giving you the feedback and you can use that feedback to improve your services. Moreover, known customers will not hesitate to provide your business house some new recommendations.
d) Customers are partners
Now some customers would provide new suggestions for new services by which business houses will adopt new opportunities and explore domestic and international markets.

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