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Journal of Regional and International Competitiveness

Journal of regional and international competitiveness — theoretical and practical journal dedicated to the issues of international and regional competitiveness.

The mission of the journal is to spread modern economic knowledge, publish the most interesting results of scientific research in the field of regional and international competitiveness, and to serve as an helpful forum for professional discussion of a broad spectrum of fundamental problems of socio-economic development, an important tool of communication among science, education, and business.

The journal accepts the following for publication: original articles, translations of published articles from Russian language journals (with the consent of the right holder for the translation and publication), reviews, essays and book reviews.

Journal Link: http://jraic.com/index.php/tor/index

The 9th InTraders International Conference On Social Sciences and Education, 7-8 February 2023, Casablanca, Morocco

The 10th InTraders International Conference On Social Sciences and Education, 15-20 May 2023, University of Craiova, Craiova, Romania


InTraders Academic Platform aims to provide contribution to education and social sciences through our International Spring Conferences, International Winter Conferences, International Autumn Conferences, Academic Journal, All Conference Alerts, and International Market Research. For your announcement request: info@intraders.org

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