Ce mai faci, Mari

For a long time, i could have not written you bro.

We are almost in the middle of summer, honestly, i could not make real my trip plans. however you know, if something happens, it happens….still i have plan for some visits. This year i could not go much. Just in february i was in morocco and in march romania.

Since 2006 i have been inromania many times. beofre eu and after, about 15 times. in my each visit i started to see less yourng generation in the street, gengeraly much little or older than 40ies…. so your z generation after the opening of eu doors are in west…in 2006-2007-2008, something was going good in romania butthen its not easy to exepreince much developed romania. of course this is a simple eye out of your country, dont take consider it much…. its important point to tell now usd and euro increased too much…. europeans may come vocation with little euro 🙂 its painful but real…. one day wish to have strong currency…one euro is almost 30 liras….it was 1,7 in 2008….no need comment more…it is the data of central bank…

i missed romania. when i was export manager my first client was from romania, may be the reason why i like… in any case, in the street i feel comfort. hope to do visit in near future again. nowadays i am trying to orient my new place. i am very happy in new place. much less people, much less rooms….after a month in new place, i may say that i bear in mind, the life is not limited in our bell jar, there are many goodness in other places…. just being strong to decide is important….

i hope harvest is completed, from previous year i exeprienced your family has much work on land… you will turn back to india one more semester?

doresc să aud veștile tale bune…

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