Citizens and European institutions

The citizen is the pawn around whom the European institutions run, having the permanent duty of granting their fundamental rights and freedoms in a sound, non-descriminatory legal context. Hence, the aim of the present paper is to raise the awareness of the citizens regarding their rights within the European Union and also their limitations. In this respect, I will identify the main EU institutions and their functional mechanisms which liaise civil participation in the decision-making process at EU level. For instance, I will approach the following institutions as human rights defenders: the European Parliament with the pertaining Committee on Petitions; the European Commission with the European Citizens’ Initiative and the Eurobarometer; the European Ombudsman. Through these accountable institutions, citizens are provided with reliable remedies to their issues, remedies which represent a favourable premise for increasing transparency in the conduct of public administration.

Reference: Badea, I. R. (2021). Citizens and European institutions . InTraders International Trade Academic Journal , 4 (1) , 59-71 . Retrieved from https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/intraders/issue/66058/1018623



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