Assoc. Prof. Dr. Öznur BOZKURT, Armağan ERCAN
Düzce University

Innovation is considered as the driving force of competition for almost any business, whether it is considered national or international. Employee attitudes towards these innovations are also very influential in the innovations. Employees attitudes towards these innovations are also quite influential, as are the willingness and level of knowledge of the management of innovations in the business of goods or services. Creating innovations will never be enough by itself. These innovations need to be implemented and supported. Volunteering for employees innovations will help make innovations easier to live and maintain while operating behavior displays that support innovations. Organizational and individual factors are influential in the innovative behavior of employees. In this study, managerial behaviors and colleagues support that affect the behavior of workers were examined. It is assumed that managers as well as colleagues will influence innovative behavior. Managers take an active role in the process of discovering innovations with politics. Employees direct innovations with ideas and behaviors at every stage of the innovation process. Employees can also be influenced by managers at the point of taking innovative steps as well as with colleagues they work with. This interaction can create a triggering force for innovative behaviors, and on the contrary, it can also lead to negative attitudes to cut innovation. In this study, the influence of the manager and the influence of his colleague on the innovative behaviors of the members of the organization will be examined in comparison with each other. For the collection of primary data in the survey, a questionnaire of quantitative research methods will be used. Innovative business behavior” scale will be used to measure innovative business behaviors, It is developed by De Jong J.P.J. ve Den Hartog, D.N in 2010. In order to measure the support of colleagues and administrators, Giray and Şahin will be used the scale in 2012. The validity and reliability study of this scale was made by the authors in 2012. the primary data will be obtained from the enterprises operating in the large category of businesses in Düzce. The data analyzed by the SPSS program. It has been achieved that the participants in the research have exhibited innovative business behavior and that the behavior of the co-worker and the manager are influential in their behavior.

Keywords: Innovation, innovative behavior, management support, colleague support
JEL Code: J24, M11, O31

For full text: https://www.intraders.org/may/archive/

International Conference on International Trade Conference Book/ editörler Kürşat Çapraz Irina Raluca Badea, Mustafa Yılmaz

İstanbul: Hiperlink Yayınları, 2018.



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