COMPARATIVISM, IDENTITY, COMMUNICATION (CIC2021). International conference, Craiova, 15th – 16th October, 2021. Fourteenth edition (ONLINE), Romania

Comparativism, Identity, Communication (CIC2021): International Conference

Event title: COMPARATIVISM, IDENTITY, COMMUNICATION (CIC2021). International conference, Craiova, 15th – 16th October, 2021. Fourteenth edition (ONLINE). 

Venue: University of Craiova, Faculty of Letters, str. Al. I. Cuza, 13/ Google Meet. 

Country: Romania. 

Organizers: Faculty of Letters, University of Craiova, Romania & The Society of Philological Sciences. 

Closing date for submissions: September 25th, 2021. 

Event dates: 15th – 16th October 2021. 


Contact person: Emilia Parpală Afana (parpala_afana@yahoo.com)

Faculty of Letters, University of Craiova, Romania & 

The Society of Philological Sciences 

invite you to:


Craiova, 15 th-16 th October 2021

Call for Papers

By bringing the concepts of “comparativism”, “identity”, “communication” together, the conference will focus on the complex identities interactively engaged in the society “conquered by communication.”

Transmodern globalized communication implies rapid, spectacular, misleading and ambivalent processes: communication can be seen as a means of emancipation of the individual / nations, but also as a means of controlling them. It is necessary, therefore, to rethink “human condition” in the context of interculturalism and “netocracy” and from the point of view of mutual conditioning and interactive feedback.

The opening towards otherness, which accompanies the transgression of the borders of communication, supposes identity awareness. Multicultural cohabitation is possible if  individuals become aware of symbols of identity and of their value, if they consciously participate in the intercultural dialogue and operate with flexible concepts and, by all means, if they place themselves under the unifying sign of meaning.

Comparative studies provide new insights into the complex matters of intercultural relations and identity issues, but they also provide food for thought for the field of communication studies. While focusing on general and comparative literature, it is not our intention, though, to limit the scope of the conference to this area. We envisage comparison as an all-encompassing scientific method, which might apply to linguistics, anthropology, cultural studies etc.

The interdisciplinary perspective and the generous thematic spectrum will, hopefully, allow the rethinking of the issues mentioned above.

Thematic areas:

1. Comparativism: influence, reception, intertextuality, palimpsestic rewriting, comparative poetics, comparative imagology, inter-aesthetic and inter-semiotic relations; comparison between languages and linguistic phenomena.

2. Pragmasemantic aspects of communication: emotive meaning, argumentative roles, speech acts, implicit meaning, linguistic / semantic context and extralinguistic or situational context.

3. The rhetorical aspects of communication: tropes, figures of thought, sophisms; political, journalistic, didactic discourse.

4. New media / communication technologies and corresponding anthropological mutations: cyber-culture and cyberspace, virtual communities, “secondary” orality, re-reading of texts in different contexts.

5. Identity reconstruction and deconstruction: discourse on identity and cultural diversity; post-communist transition and negotiation of identity; “the writing” of the multicultural self in the media; otherness and the dynamics of communicative relations.

6. Postmodern culture: hybridization, polyphony, interculturality etc.

Interdisciplinary perspectives: communication theory, comparativism, cognitive linguistics / poetics, discourse analysis, gender studies, imagology, literary studies, philosophy, pragmatics, semiotics. 

Organizing Committee:

Coordinator: Professor Emerita EMILIA PARPALĂ AFANA, University of Craiova


Associate professor Ph.D. ALINA ŢENESCU, University of Craiova

Senior Lecturer Ph.D. CARMEN POPESCU, University of Craiova

Senior Lecturer Ph.D. AURELIA FLOREA, University of Craiova

Ph.D. MARINICĂ ȘCHIOPU, University of Craiova

Ph.D. student VIOLETA COSTEA (MOȚ), University of Craiova

Ph.D. student CRISTINA DURĂU, University of Craiova

Ph.D. student MĂDĂLINA SANDU (LIXĂNDROIU),  University of Craiova

Scientific Committee:

Professor PETER GAÁL-SZABÓ, Debrecen Reformed Theological University, Hungary.

Professor BRIAN MICHAEL GOSS, Saint Louis University Madrid, Spain Campus

Professor CORNELIA ILIE, Strömstad Academy, Sweden

Professor Emeritus LILIANA IONESCU-RUXĂNDOIU, University of Bucharest

Professor LEO LOVEDAY, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan

Professor ROBERTO MERLO, University of Turin, Italy

Professor MARIANA NEŢ, Romanian Academy, Linguistic Institute “I. Iordan – Al. Rosetti”, Bucharest.

Professor Emeritus EMILIA PARPALĂ AFANA, University of Craiova

Professor MIHAELA CECILIA POPESCU, University of Craiova

Professor ANDA RĂDULESCU, University of Craiova

Professor CRISTIANA NICOLA TEODORESCU, University of Craiova

Associate Professor ANDREA CSILLAG, Debrecen Reformed Theological University, Hungary

Associate Professor ALOISIA ŞOROP, University of Craiova

Associate Professor ALINA ŢENESCU, University of Craiova

Senior Lecturer CARMEN POPESCU, University of Craiova

Deadline for registration and submission of abstracts: September 25th, 2021. Notification of acceptance will be sent by September 30th, 2021. 

Please send the registration form and the abstracts by to: parpala_afana@yahoo.com

Participation fee: 40 Euro / 200 RON (for Romanians); PhD candidates: 30 Euro / 150 RON (for Romanians). It could be paid to the following bank accounts until October 10th with the mention Taxa CIC2021.

RON account: COD FISCAL: 4553380. IBAN: R036TREZ29120F330500XXXX 

TREZORERIA CRAIOVA (CRAIOVA TRESURERY), str. Mitropolit Firmilian, nr. 2, Craiova. Beneficiary: Universitatea din Craiova, Str. A. I. Cuza, Nr. 13, Craiova, Dolj, Cod 200585, România (Taxa CIC2021).

Euro account: IBAN: RO79RNCB0134018453880012. BIC RNCBROBU SWIFT ROBUXXX, opened at BANCA COMERCIALĂ ROMÂNĂ, Sucursala Dolj, 200733, Str. Olteţ, Nr. 4, Craiova, România. CIF: 4553380.  

Beneficiary: Universitatea din Craiova, Str. A.I. Cuza, Nr. 13, Craiova, Dolj, Cod 200585, România (Taxa CIC2021). 

Conference languages: Romanian, English, French, Italian, Spanish.

Presentation: the papers presented should not exceed 20 minutes (+ 10 minutes for discussions). Most probably CIC2021 will be an online edition.

Publication: The papers are subject to PEER REVIEW. Selected papers will be published in 2022 by Universitaria Publishing House, Craiova. Deadline for articles: 30 December 2021. The proceedings of CIC2014, CIC2015 and CIC2016 have been published with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, U.K., in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Editors: Emilia Parpală and Leo Loveday. 

Registration Form:


Abstract (maximum 100 words, in English or in French, Word format, TNR, 12)
Name, academic rank, affiliation:…….
e-mail: ……    Telephone number:………..

Language of the presentation:…….

Registration and queries directed to 

Emilia Parpală Afana: parpala_afana@yahoo.com

Craiova International Airport is directly connected to: London, Bologna, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Valencia, Paris, Bruxelles, Köln, Dortmund, Tel Aviv.


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