Our life is like a vehicle with pairs of wheels attached to it. It only goes on if all the wheels are rotating equally. To reach a goal all the wheels need to be in sync or the vehicle would come to a halt. Realistically, confidence and optimism need to be backed by selfless hard work for the dreams to be achieved. To analogize, it can be said that Confidence and Optimism are the wheels and Hard work is gas/petrol.  Only confidence and optimism for reaching the heights will not move the gears, some effort is required for the friction to happen.

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I feel optimistic only when my conscience is satisfied with my indefatigable efforts, confidence sets in as a result. An anecdote from my life would be befitting here. I was assigned the role of Team Captain for the Girls Cricket Team for the Olympics held at my university. Having more interest playing than watching the game, I found myself in hot water as I had insufficient knowledge about the game. To add to the pile, the team was in low spirits as the performance in the preceding Olympics was not satisfactory. I took this onus on me to learn the dynamics of the game and to pump the spirits of the team. It took me a week to become erudite on the technicalities of the game. The catalyst for raising the morale of the team was more recreational than strenuous. The team would gather every morning in the ground and we would work out together with some good music. I had learned some pre-game warm-up exercises from YouTube which made the team have more physical flexibility while playing. We had an arduous practice schedule that made all the team players diligently work on their weak areas. Before every game, we used to chant a very ad rem slogan which added fuel to our fiery passion to win. Our team made it till Semi-Finals. Each one of us felt optimistic because we were satisfied with our smart and tireless training and there were no regrets about losing the Semi-Final as we had given our best. This bandwagon would not have achieved this milestone if any of its wheels were missing.

As they say, “It’s easier said than done”. This adage is true to its meaning as it’s easy to be confident that the glass is full but how or who will fill the glass is the point paid less attention to.  The glass cannot fill itself, similarly, our goals cannot be attained unless they’re backed by a tireless hustle which subsequently fuels the optimism.  


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