The Benefit of Regular Consume Chocolate for Health and Happiness

What makes chocolate worth to consume?

There was once a young prince who lived in the richest kingdom in the known world. The palace was made of pure gold with golden pillars and golden arches encrusted with sparkling gems; golden flowers were planted beside the golden pathways that ran alongside beautiful golden fountains.
But the prince wasn’t happy. Although his parents showered him with golden toys every day – clockwork golden mice, golden swords and golden bicycles – and even offered to extract all of his teeth to replace them with golden ones just like they had (“A golden smile is a royal smile!” his father always reminded him), yet in his heart of hearts – though he would never have dared to admit it when his parents were around, yet he knew that gold wasn’t the most important thing in the world. So when, one day, the prince’s parents died in a tragic accident (their golden boat sank and, weighed down by their golden clothes they sank to the bottom of the river at once), the prince knew his time had come. A grand ceremony was arranged for his coronation at the palace and a golden crown was brought to set on his head the prince frowned and raised his hand to address his loyal subjects in their golden gowns and dresses that clinked along the ground as they walked. “My good people, can gold really buy us everything? Can it bring back my dear, departed parents? Can it keep us warm at night when the cruel winter winds blow? And when we have scarred the earth with our gold mines, poisoned the rivers with our melting refineries and neglected our fields in our quest for riches, will we then understand that we cannot eat gold? “I think we all know in our hearts that there is something far more precious and dear to us than a shiny metal, something that can nourish and unite us all in peace and harmony – I speak, of course, of… chocolate.”…..[4]

What do you know about chocolate? Chocolate is one type of vegetables that comes from the cacao tree. The seeds of the cacao fruit itself are further processed into a variety of foods. Most of those products are favored by almost the majority of people in the world. Chocolate in the form of a bar was first produced in England [1]. For more information about how cacao process to be chocolate, you can see in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGaLWuLzHBU

In spite of its delicious taste, chocolate is also said to increase the positive mood or a sense of happiness in a person. A meta-analysis among 6 studies found that 5 studies have successfully shown the effectiveness of consumption cacao flavanols-containing products to decrease negative mood and improve positive mood. On the other hand, one study failed to show the effects[3].

Besides it’s beneficial to improve mental health, in this case, improves the positive mood or feeling of happiness, chocolate was also said having an effect on health. A study conducted by Allen and colleagues in 2008 found that consumption of products containing cacao flavanols on a regular basis could be lowering LDL or bad cholesterol. In addition, the consumption of these products every day could also be decreasing systolic blood pressure. Thus, the consumption of chocolate on a regular basis as part of a low-fat-diet improved cardiovascular health through decreases in cholesterol, and blood pressure [2].

Well, in turns, besides its tasty, chocolate also has many benefits. Usually to maintain health needs an effort that can be said painful or less fun. However, it is different if we use this one effort. A routine consumption cacao products both spoil our tongue and also very useful for maintaining physical and mental health. Indirectly, it will also affect our economic condition by reducing the amount of expenditure for health budget.

Finally, don’t forget to make sure a wise path in choosing foods containing cacao flavanols products, a product with less sugar and other additives. So, let’s indulge our tongue, chocolate lovers!!



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Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia.

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