Europe has stepped up its imports and started stockpiling, fearing that a second wave of the pandemic could come. For this reason, the fear that borders and Gates will be closed again outweighs it. There are serious orders from our country, where it receives significant import support. This is one of the reasons for the increase in our country’s exports, and another is the weakening of China’s supply chain due to the pandemic.
Turkey’s export pace has increased, there are serious densities in its customs.  These intensities are sagging by the end of the week as of Friday for a reason that has not been understood for years.  Due to this intensity, it seems that companies that have accelerated their exports on weekdays continue to exit vehicles.

Well! What about Kapıkule?

Virtual Queue System with Appointment (RSS)…!

If you have never heard of it, you should know that the purpose of this system is an “appointment” system that has been put into operation to speed up the exit processes at Kapıkule, our important door to Europe. I can tell you by giving an example; imagine that you have an old driver’s license or ID and you want to change it by making an appointment with the relevant institution where you can make changes. But in the system, you can’t find a suitable day for that week or even that month, you can’t get an appointment.

Or, because of the outbreak, you will make an appointment with one of the outpatient clinics that work in limited public hospitals, but you will not find a gap on a close day. It works in the same way in this system, and you continue to the door by making an appointment before you leave or are on the car.  Wow! you say it and you move on. Is here! The real question and problem start from here.
Can you make an appointment the next day depending on the evening of the same day or your departure?

Or can you use the system?

Or do car users entering our country from different countries know this system so that they can make an appointment to log out!


We spoke last night and I confirmed this morning that the queue at our door was 25 km.
In order to prevent the formation of these queues this system, which has been implemented, is defective, is there a problem or is there another problem…!
You can only get an appointment after about 3 to 4 days. You go to the door, and you wait there for about 4 days. While waiting for the European order, you can’t leave your country yet.

Stop arriving in Europe, you can’t go to Albania, you can’t deliver the cargo. Due to this problem, vehicles can arrive at a distance of at least 4-5 days to a country where arrival can be made in the range of 20-25 hours. He suffers from this problem in foreign vehicles.

A foreign driver doesn’t know how to make an appointment.
Do you know what the status of the cargo on the vehicle is?
Do you know who will be responsible if the order can be cancelled?
In the case of a problem, whose responsibility will be?
Who will appeal to whom, who will get hurt?
What about our drivers who have been waiting in line on vehicles for days?
Are there enough truck parks? What’s the hygiene status? How much can he meet his needs? Can additional border crossings be opened? We have increased our capacity and will Bulgaria be able to do that? Most importantly, why is the “RAILWAY” unavailable? Why has no solution been found to this problem for years? Halkalı – Kapıkule train line could not be built for years.

It should not be forgotten: if the logistics stop, life stops.


The RSS appointment system, which causes nightmares in road transport, has been temporarily suspended.

Towards the end of the year, a step was taken in order to increase the economic data of the countries, especially in their exports, and to have a positive effect on the markets, and the nightmare was said to “stop” for a while.

Infrastructure problems will be eliminated gradually by the end of the year.

Priority will be given to vehicles that have queued until October 19, after which the local queue system will continue to be implemented.

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