Dear Marinica

Greetings from Sakarya to Romania 🙂

We left the snow behind in the last week of January. Nowadays it is rainy and cold. Now Yunus came to me. And he reads the post. He asks if it’s a diary; “No letter baby”. Emre looks at me sideways.Yunus asks: we’ll pull that tooth tomorrow. Emre still looks at me sideways. His hair is a little messy.

I could not go to the village today. I am tired and there is a little rain. I missed the lambs already. Few of them are sick. That’s life, not everything goes well all the time. We try to make use of rainwater for animals as much as possible. There are about 20 new lambs these days. Some of them will be lamb in the coming weeks and the other group will be laminated if the fortune is as early as April Of course, the small baby lambs make themselves loved the most among animals. They even need to get up on 2 hind legs like a horse and see the milk struggles while giving milk with a bottle. We are headed by the smell of mud and barn. It’s not perfume will not smell well as a result. We dug a few large pools. I will use it as a pool in the summer, especially if it rains.

I love the village life. It keeps people vigorous. In the city, our ass is always on the chair or on the sofa. We don’t even walk properly. Getting tired in nature keeps you vigorous. If I have the opportunity, I want to live only in the village in the future and go to different countries from time to time.

Would it be fortunate to listen to you, “Tiridine bandim”, on a bank of the Danube. And aunt’s amazing desserts. The psychology of people is now turned upside down here. They are about to sit down at home and get crazy. Now, the number of daily deaths from the virus has become very normal. I think they will let the market free completely soon for the economy wheel to spin. Many forwardings are turned off. The number of unemployment is very high in every country. I think money is sweeter than life, or money for life defies death. We try to pay attention as much as possible. I go to work 3 days a week, I think we will return to normal 5 days in the near future. I said the economy wheel has to spin.

This is the situation here. Your grandmother was sick. How she is.. When your schools go on a semester break. Hope to see you again. This time, let’s go to the Timishora or north. Let’s visit the Danube river first, then go to the Timişora or north. Of course, if this virus does not leave us breathless.

Take care of yourself, greetings to your family, brother. We will have some tea now. Yes, Yunus came again. “Uuu” how long the letter…he said and left by running… Let’s drink tea together brother.

Take care and greetings to your family.

Your Bro Kürşat….

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Kürşat Çapraz, administrative staff at Sakarya University (2008-...), Secretary of InTraders Academic Platform. PhD Student, Labour Economics, Looking for academic position,

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