Difficult times, help and patience

The entire humanity is facing a very difficult period because of the new coronavirus. The consequences of the new disease are terrible for many countries and the governments are taking harsh measures in order to stop the scourge. Thus, during this period each one of us must cooperate and contribute to stop the virus and limit its damages. The best way for that is to stay at home and go out only if necessary, but we must not ignore people who need our help, especially old people or needy people.

During a crisis such as the one we are passing through, people must balance their emotions and develop more and more patience, this is the only way to tackle difficult times, bearing in minds that after storm sun always comes out. So, please, spend your time at home if possible reading, meditating and listening to music (but, mind you, do not disturb your neighbours).

This period must be dominated by caution, compassion and support! We are all a single family!

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