A while ago, I had announced the projects of the world’s giant countries to activate their digital currencies.

Who were these giants? America, England, Russia, and China, and so on.  

The button was pressed and the momentum gained momentum. A guide for digital currency devices has been prepared and published. The US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank came together in the monetary policy of seven major economies, including the ECB. First, South Korea begins trials in 2021. In one of my articles, I stated that this country (South Korea) will make its first trials in exports.

The guide, which has been prepared, focuses on 14 important features that are considered to have a digital currency in technical, systematic, and institutional terms.

These features are: instantly convertible, programmable and accessible, simple, reliable, instantaneous, resilient, accessible, bulky, scalable, cross-system, flexible and adaptable, having robust legal regulations, and being able to comply with State standards with the latest legislation.

Digitalization and monitoring of the digital money system will be done with Blockchain. What Is This Blockchain? At the beginning of the 2000s, the sound was presented to us with an electronic signature and an ornamented name was changed.

While the 5G internet provider was working and during the system to always move on, Elon Musk did not stop and announced that we could provide it from space in 2021 through the satellites he sent to space one after another. Well, will China be comfortable! Of course not… China has started testing for 6G by sending a satellite into space after space mining.

While technology is advancing so rapidly, digitalization and virtual world are being created, can we create human beings to adapt so quickly?

Good luck with the “Digital Age” and virtual money.

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