Disruptive Powers of Artificial Intelligence

Throughout the history of mankind, it is believed that it is the intelligence of human species that has put the homo-sapiens at the top of the food chain of the planet because of it’s crafting of ‘arms’ and cooperation strategies with the other species. But time has come and the homo sapiens have found ways to replace the same human intelligence if not better, with a new tool known as Artificial intelligence. The computation speed of machines, interpretation of information (data) with accuracy and the capability to take decisions and actions like human beings is no more fiction but a reality. If the recent introduction of tools that are knowledge laden and capable of human actions, then one may suggest that soon it may offset the balance of Power between the ‘creator’ and ‘the creation’ itself. The speed at which AI has grown in the last two decades has thrown open many vistas in its usage. It has already shown the disruptive powers in many fields and challenging human endeavors at a different level of expertise which were unheard or unthought of e.g.  ‘Deep Learning Tools’ like ‘Deep Blue’ challenging the Grandmasters of Chess which is believed to be epitome of analytical capability and prediction of human reactions, machine translators on your laptop/smartphones, online location information and mobility applications in every car, precision and conducting pinpointed precision surgery. It has sprung an awe-inspiring surprise with winking eyed, smiley lady Sofia.

Recently Google has introduced Alexa, the traditional help at home and office sooner than expected. These developments are not limited to softer applications at home and commercial domains with limited human intelligence but the Human-Computer Interface (HCI) scientists predict that by mid of this century, AI may surpass average human intelligence and may be moving towards developing emotionally sensitive and ‘artificially conscious’ machines. It may also be possible that every person would be assisted by an equally intelligent and emotionally programmed robot as an aide at an affordable price, cheaper than human labor. Although, the physical presence of Security guards will continue for a few more years or say a decade surely AI has arrived and soon it will occupy much larger space in Security business.

Col.Dr.M.P.Sen, India.

Director – Courses &Faculty (Security Management)

 International Institute of Security and Safety Management,

New Delhi.

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