We all have been hearing this term quite a lot over the past few decades. The first time we learn about diversity is in our schools. We all have been taught the definition of the word and how it can be applied to a variety of contexts. It’s mostly limited to classrooms, lectures, and on some organization’s list of core values. As far as the practical implication is concerned, the efforts are perfunctory. Sadly, diversity is not accepted as easily as it rolls off our tongues. There are a lot of presumptions attached to the idea. People generally like to stick to their kind, mostly because they were never introduced to the idea of diversity or inclusion. They may like different colours of the rainbow but they do not like being around people of different colours. If nature can look pretty in a variety of colours, then what could be more natural than humans of colour?

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Most successful companies hire personnel on top positions who belong to diverse backgrounds. This way the decision making is influenced by some of the most unique recommendations. Let’s take Toyota as an example, their Board of Directors belong to different countries. This way the needs and wants of the respective nationalities are dealt with. Similarly, InTraders International invites researchers from all over the globe to unite in one place, share knowledge and build a convivial relationship. This promotes diversity and encourages individuals to unite despite their differences. I’m the kind of person who always looks forward to meeting people belonging to different parts of the world. Last year, when I visited Sakarya University, Turkey for the InTraders Conference, I became friends with some of the most affable individuals who belonged to different countries, spoke different languages, and had a cultural background very different from my own. It was amazing to learn about their lifestyles and culture. The experience is not only precious to me but all the participants of the conference. The memories I have of my trip to Turkey are some of the best that I cherish to date!

I find diversity to be the most beautiful thing. I consider myself lucky to have several opportunities where I got to work with people belonging to diverse backgrounds. This includes individuals of different ages, countries, cultural backgrounds, languages, etc. There have been times where I was in a leadership role and I found the process of decision making more fun and interesting whilst working with a team full of diverse talents. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone’s opinions as they were all unique and added value to the task at hand. Currently, I am working in an environment with individuals who know the significance of diversity and they welcome every member’s input. This way all the participants feel included, respected, and valued. We can feel that acceptance has led to the strengthening of trust amongst members and it has encouraged them to showcase their talent without any hesitation.  


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