Do you believe in that half of the glass is realy full in our life?

Do you believe in that half of the glass is realy full in our life? This is very simple question. The glass is fact with half of water, and it is hard to accept other part.. However we are not…<span style=”color: #ffffff;”>foreign market</span>

We do not know how many times we failed. We do not remember how many times our favorite team lost or how many times we started new dreams, new days again…

I left once bachelor’s degree, i left  a master, i left a phd and i failed in an other phd… I am looking for new steps to fail. I am not kidding. That’s painful but real. You must be brave enough to face failure.

When i calculate how many years i lost for nothing, it look likes giving a pain. But there is an experience fact. Time and our fails help our future success. You may not ignore other part of full glass.You may fall down but you have known to be able to stand on your foot.  Why i believe that half of glass is always a fact and full.foreign market

I’ve still a dream. I graduated master degree in international trade. I am interested in foreign markets, international market research. I am looking for lecturer career now. I am skillful at international trade. We manage conferences. I visited many countries, many universities and many academicians by our conferences. We also established a refereed international academic journal.  Our team is very young and all of them looking for academic career. Our  brain team members are from Romania, Pakistan and Macedonia. Now we plan to establish our international publishing company.

In August 2018 we will visit Greek, Macadonian, Albanian, Kosovan universities and their academicians. For better international events we always improve ourselves and looking for international partners…

I’ve still dreams and we are hungry to sucess…

At least we have half of glass…











Kürşat Çapraz, administrative staff at Sakarya University (2008-...), Secretary of InTraders Academic Platform. PhD Student, Labour Economics, Looking for academic position,

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