Dreams not with money anyway

Why don’t people understand us? Or are we incomprehensible? Or are we not in the right place at the right time? Does every misfortune always overlap? What is it that puts us in such trouble? However, we had many dreams about the future? We were going to run, we were going to laugh, we could even be understood. So what’s the whole problem? What is the source of the problem? Why do we lose our hopes before we get to the source of the problem? Or are we so impatient?

In such a situation, we cannot ask; how long this process will take. Everything is limited. Time is limited, events are limited, history is limited, just like the future.

We don’t always have good days, just like we don’t always have bad days.

We can’t always laugh, just like we have these days.

Here is the time. Sometimes we lose our lives, sometimes our jobs, sometimes our loved ones. It is impossible to replace new ones with pain, or it is. If it was that easy …

You cannot say if you want to say. If you want to cry, you will be embarrassed. You hide your tears. You look for darkness, whereas everything you forget will someday be past and all your dreams go for nothing.

We are always looking for a talisman. Something, open new doors. However, there is one thing that we forgot and new doors will not be opened unless we struggle. Unfortunately, happiness is not a cake waiting for us in a corner.

In such moments, we should invest in ourselves and our education and at least we should protect our physical health even if we have lost our mental health.

There is no solution for our loved ones we lost. Also for the love that we lost. Although it will take years for some we have lost, let’s not forget that there is a solution… just try and be patient…

Let’s not forget, our dreams are not with money anyway … let’s keep our dreams and survive for future beauties…



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Kürşat Çapraz, administrative staff at Sakarya University (2008-...), Secretary of InTraders Academic Platform. PhD Student, Labour Economics, Looking for academic position,

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