Dynamics of Consumers’ Behavior in Food Waste: Income, Education, and Date Label

In recent years, food waste has become an increasingly important problem for nations. During the food production and distribution process, food requires a large amount of energy, water, fertilizer, and other resources. The Food and Agriculture Organization reported that the global volume of food wastage is nearly 1.6 billion tons of primary product equivalents, with 1.3 billion tons being the edible part of the total food waste in the world. Because of the social, economic, and environmental impacts of food waste, food waste is seen as a priority by policymakers and academicians. A number of international organizations (including the World Economic Forum, European Commission, and the OECD) have started a global campaign to increase the efficiency of resource use and reducing food waste. To understand how much food is wasted by consumers, different social-economic indicators are examined in few studies. This study aims to review the literature on identifying which social-economic indicators have impact on consumers’ behavior in food waste. According to the common review in the literature, while food waste is concentrated in the early stages of the food supply chain (harvesting and distribution) in developing countries, consumer-level food waste is concentrated in the developed countries.

Keywords: Food waste, Food Policy, Agricultural economics

JEL Codes: L66, Q18, O13

Reference: Odabaşı, S. (2021). “Dynamics of Consumers’ Behavior in Food Waste: Income, Education, and Date Label”. Ed. Ferhat Çıtak. Current Studies in International Trade InTraders 2021 , ps. 147-159. İstanbul

For Full text: Current Studies in International Trade InTraders 2021



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