Education Teaches Humanity

Education is the vital survival part for any human to face the world because it gives us the strength and teaches about human rights for living in society as a fighter. Education is not just for children or adults but it is necessary for any man or woman till they are alive. Education facilitate humans to perform the analysis between what is the right or wrong decision for their lives and also take care that our decision has not become a trouble situation for others because only education which teaches humanity that giving respect, love, and care to the others. As it is the rule of life that if you giving something good to anyone then its return will be good for you so by this act humans can make their life painless and can live with gratification and prosperity. Apparently, some people think that education is to get the degree but no education is actually about how you behave to others and how you live in society. Educations assist us to turn out to be a good student, parent, sister, brother, teacher but most importantly to be a good human being because human makes society, not societies make a human. Education has the power to change the perception of the world because it can eradicate bribery, unemployment, social or environmental problems.


Education helps to make a progressive society :

  1. Education develops an individual personality.
  2. Education makes humans more socially, ethically and morally responsible.
  3. Education facilitates us to attain new skills by which we can achieve economic goals.
  4. Education gives us a piece of knowledge regarding improving the standard of living.
  5.  Obtaining an education makes a person better informed on the subject of his rights and his responsibilities towards society. He is familiar with his right or duty to exercise his power to vote and select an excellent representative of his country.
  6. A good education gives excellent knowledge about how to use national resources in the best profitable way.
  7.  A knowledgeable human being is environmentally more aware of to maintain our environment dirt free.
  8. Education makes a person more sensible in terms of caring the other people’s feelings or emotions.

Hence if we all understand the importance of education in our lives and behave like a good human and treated another in a respectful way so we can make a prospective society. Education is about humanity not just getting big degrees.

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Sidra Ghafoor

Sidra Ghafoor, University Of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

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