Synergy and Success

Any success or failure in any organization will undoubtedly affect the entire team. When successful, many deficiencies can be tolerated, but in a minor failure, the spirit of the team will begin to suffer. So what is the place of synergy in the success of an organization? Thinking of synergy only in the positive direction would be a missing though. A positive development positively affects the team spirit and a negative situation will lead to a negative distribution of the team.

The effect of team leader as well as the contribution of each individual is very important in the formation of synergy. To be able to know the abilities and capacities of executive individuals. In line with their abilities and capacities, they should have a duty distribution and a fair attitude. Of course, it will not be easy for individuals with different demographic characteristics to come together and become successful in a common stakeholder.


There should be no competition between the subordinate responsible for the vertical and horizontal hierarchy of the organization. While the competition between team members in short-term or seasonal jobs may be tolerated, it will be difficult to tolerate the negative effects of competition in long-term or long-term business environments and the communication between individuals will weaken. In the long run, the competition is short-lived and the most important factor is the individual being selfish.
The motivation and strong communication of the individuals involved in the organization will depend on the fact that individuals see each other as a part of the team rather than a competitor.

The low rate of staff turnover in favor of positive synergy will also contribute positively.

A role Model

A role model should be created for the manager’s correct, necessary and gentle behavior to the sub-management groups. This role will be the biggest contributor to success. First of all, it is necessary to accept that individuals who stay in the competition and participate in the organization are a team. Can you say that my heart is more important than my brain? It is not possible to compete between your heart and your brain. Each individual involved in the organization should not compete among themselves. A standard for a particular job should be set and individuals should improve themselves according to this standard. The continuity of the synergy created by the individuals depends on the attitude of the manager. The correct, necessary and gentle behavior of the manager will also serve as a suppository for synergy.

In short, synergy is an important factor in the success of the organization, while the competition between individuals will cause a great majority of the peace of mind and the workplace will be unbearable.



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