Entrepreneurship, Credit Extended by Commercial Banks and Economic Growth – An Analysis of Inter-relations in an Empirical Framework

Economic growth is a key issue both in economic policy making and in economic research. In eastern nations of the world, the interest in economic growth has been in the centrestage in view of the persistently high rates of unemployment and resurgence of recessionary pressures on these economies due to spillover effects from other developed economies undergoing recessionary phases.

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Entrepreneurial activities not only open up new doorways of income generation for individuals residing in the economy but is also looked upon now as panacea to treat unemployment by most governments, provided such ventures turn out to be revenue generating for the entrepreneur after all the risk he is willing to undertake. Entrepreneurship contributes to the development of innovative technologies, processes as well as business systems which in turn influences the prevailing market structures in the economy disrupting the competition existing in the markets. Nonetheless it bound to impact the capital formation in the economy and thus the growth of the economy. The inter relations between credit extension by commercial banks, entrepreneurship and economic growth are investigated in this paper empirically using autoregressive models.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Economic Growth, Credit exten-sion, Capital Formation

JEL Codes: E60, E70, M13

Sonia Anand Dhir, Associate Professor Dr. Head of Department (PGDM and MIB) IMS Noida, India

Source: Current Debates in Social Sciences InTraders 2020-3, https://www.intraders.org/may/?page_id=299



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