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There are always both benefits and harm sides of everything as financial investments. So what should be the balance? How do we invest our savings?  By this column we try to get your attention to harm sides of financial inverstment results on low income group families. At the beginning, the biggest problem is the invest type; some of us try to invest by dept, bank credit etc. For middle and low income group i prefer real estate investments, cause for better life first we should have necessity goods. With inadequate saving sould not be  played in financial investments. Because of this many families have big problems.

By those issues in 2017,Turkey to play in forex the minimum capital is over  9.260,00 euro as legal minimum limit. According to me, this limit should be increased, it has still potential for low income group which has not enough savings.

The important thing is the money that you invest, however it is saving or not… Especially if you do not have savings do not make your beloved ones unhappy and protect your heart healty….



Kürşat Çapraz, administrative staff at Sakarya University (2008-...), Secretary of InTraders Academic Platform. PhD Student, Labour Economics, Looking for academic position,

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