Firm of Research, Policy & Development (FRPD), Islamabad, Pakistan

Firm of Research, Policy & Development (FRPD) is a trusted name operating since 2018 involved with various research and industrial operations, provides online training services for various businesses setups, tourism, and industrial & entrepreneur development. FRPD is in a position to undertake any job of research in social sciences, Management Sciences and Medical Sciences, as well as techno-economic feasibility studies and can, prepare feasibility study report as per the client’s requirement.

Mr. Fazlullah
Co- Founder

MPhil Econometrics and Statistics (ABD) from Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), Islamabad, Pakistan. Director of Global Eye Marketing and Firm of Research, Policy, and Development. He has a wide range of experience of business development, research and policy maker.

Mr. Shakeel Shahzad – Director & Research Scholar

PhD Econometrics (ABD) from Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), Islamabad, Pakistan and engaged in economic research industry till now. He has taken professional national and international training on research methodologies, Business management, Business development techniques, Program Management, Procurement and Logistics, and others.

Besides, in technical field he has following expertise:

 Research in Socio economics issues

 Project techno-economic feasibility studies

 Program Management, Project Management

 Crisis Management, Procurement and Logistics

 Presentation and Marketing skills

 Knowledge of fund management

 Comprehensive understanding of the industry and regulatory laws and regulations

Thanking You!

Mr. Shakeel Shahzad

Cell# (+92) 314 918 5000 / (+92) 344- 91 98 158

Email: Info@frpd.pk

Website: www.frpd.pk

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