For Foreign Students One of the Best Choice; UNIVERSITY OF CRAIOVA

The University of Craiova (UCv) ranks among the first ten universities in Romania and it is the main high profile institution of higher education in the South-West of Romania, in the historical region of Oltenia. The University of Craiova was founded in 1947 and it has been carrying on a tradition of excellence and innovation in the fields of education and research ever since. The University of Craiova ranks topmost among the Romanian higher education system (56 accredited public higher education institutions and 35 accredited private higher education institutions in 2012), and, in 2009, the institutional evaluation by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS) was completed with a “High Confidence Rating”, which is the highest rating a Romanian university can obtain. The University of Craiova belongs to the academic European community, sharing its cultural, moral, scientific and educational values. Strongly believing that the European Higher Education Area and the European Research Area represent the main pillars of the knowledge-based society,

University of Craiova Brief Description

The University of Craiova undertakes public accountability with respect to the quality of the study programmes, scientific research, and services to the community. The University of Craiova lends special attention to meeting the market demands, contributing to the enhancement of social cohesion and employability of graduates on an extremely dynamic labor market and in the context of the economic and financial crisis. The University of Craiova has a comprehensive structure, including 12 faculties, one autonomous academic department, 45 research centers, and a Doctoral School. Its qualified human resource, consisting of around 900 teaching staff members and 1,000 non-teaching staff members, assures the quality of the services provided to almost 20,000 students each year. The University of Craiova takes pride in its infrastructure which comprises one main building, five university campuses, eleven student halls of residence, approximately 300 lecture theatres and seminar rooms, 255 laboratories, one central library, and fourteen branch libraries, four research and development units, one university club, etc.


The University of Craiova is an institution with an international focus, one of its main strategic objectives being the development of its external liaisons. The managing structure of the University of Craiova includes a Vice-Rector for International Relations and Academic Image, who oversees the activity of the Department of International Relations. Moreover, internationalisation is actively sought and fostered throughout all the bodies and structures of the University of Craiova: through research projects, publications, educational offer, etc. UCv is affiliated with prestigious international organisations: EUA (European University Association), IAU (International University Association), AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie), IN.WBI (Wallonie-Bruxelles International), AEUA (Arab and European Universities Association), BSUN (Black Sea University Network). The University of Craiova plays an important role in South Eastern Europe, being coordinator of the SEENET MTP network, gathering together universities and research institutes from 11 countries in the area. The University of Craiova staff has contributed to the elaboration of a study on the consolidation of institutional capacity in South Eastern Europe, ordered by UNESCO. UCv designs and implements a coherent strategy of interinstitutional cooperation, aiming at the integration to the European Area of Higher Education and the European Area of Scientific Research, and at improved academic performance through the adoption of international educational, scientific, cultural and moral values.

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