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Foreign Trade

Foreign trade is an important influence in the development of every country and in getting the most advanced technological products and services of its citizens. Many institutions and organizations offer various investments, special regions and incentives to increase the export potential of their own countries.

For the 2023 target, foreign trade can now become a cultural accumulation beyond a habit and habit for a certain segment. Economic segments should be able to trade very well in foreign trade as an alternative to the production surpluses, domestic intensive competition conditions, cash flows, growth targets, especially in times of crisis, demand narrowing. In order to achieve this success, the quality of the personnel involved in the relevant stages as well as business owners and managers becomes even more important. This depends on the equipment and skills of foreign trade and graduates of related departments.

The subject discussed in this article is the effort to explain the various steps to increase the potential of the occupational power in various stages of foreign trade by means of education in terms of training planning and qualifications as outputs and to increase this potential.

There are a very limited number of graduate degree programs in a total of 400 departments, 85 departments of various universities, and enough doctoral programs to be graduated, at the approximate preliminary level of the International Trade Department. Academician acquisitions are preferred over graduates of economics if they are in a lower position than business graduates in general terms. Higher Education Institution While the researches of economists related to “international trade” are mostly available on the search page of thesis, research assistants’ purchases are generally a contrast to graduate graduates of only those who write business and those who are taken to institutions. It is through the data that it is a matter to be considered that the universities should be more sensitive in this regard.

Academic studies and market requirements are clear when examining graduate and doctoral dissertations and they are lacking in concrete steps to improve foreign trade. While it is very important that academicians use a specific analysis and that the presence of a specific study question is a qualified one, it is very theoretically possible to address market needs and it is almost impossible for researchers to reach these studies because studies on the market have been left unauthorized.

Industry and university collaborations can not go beyond the internship. In the case of students’ thesis and essay work, firms can not get support from the companies because they can not get a concrete output from them naturally and perhaps because of excessive demand. First of all, we think that it is important in terms of producing realistic and functional studies of industrial university cooperation by providing some incentives for every work to be done for license, graduate, doctorate and industry reports and articles, if there is an internship condition in order to solve this problem. We expect support from the authorities in this regard.

Various national and international congresses are being made as contributions to International Trade. There are few international congresses with intense participation abroad for the academicians in the related field. To this end, the InTraders have formed the International Trade Congresses  committees and are conducting their work for participation at a qualified international level. The congress, which is the main theme of international trade, business, economy and logistics, will be held in May 2018 in Sakarya University, Kaynarca Academic Presidency of Applied Sciences. . As InTraders, academic journal is established and aimed at the upper level with international prestige in the field.

The congresses are important places for socialization of researchers, where new developments and social networks are strengthened. For young people, they have the opportunity to meet new prospects and prominent people in the field, and they have the chance to enhance their perspective. From this point of view, the importance of the congresses can be improved by going out of their superficial studies by desk work and improving themselves.

The InTraders International Trade Congress has been internationally congratulated for trademark registration. Brand work has been completed and intensive studies are being carried out in order to achieve institutional structure. It aims to contribute to the country with its 2023 target congress, two international congresses in the field of international trade and twice a year. In addition, with the title of “International Market Research”, academicians, students and industry aim to meet important needs in triple foot. It also aims to provide students with financial / scholarship in order to complete their studies under this heading and aims to make an important contribution to the foreign trade in 2023 target by providing an integration with the titles such as application studies on foreign trade and internship.

The congress is being held within the body of Sakarya University and it is open to cooperation and expects support from important institutions in the field. Congressional social networks:




Private sector managers and academicians to meet at the congress aiming to meet in common payday to meet …


Congress Secretary

InTraders Academic Platform




Kürşat Çapraz, administrative staff at Sakarya University (2008-...), Secretary of InTraders Academic Platform. PhD Student, Labour Economics, Looking for academic position,

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