Determining Foreign Trade Potential of A Company

Foreign Trade Potential

Many organizations are preparing foreign trade training for their members. These trainings appeal to large organizations, but the participants do not cross a finger. In many industrial and commercial chambers, this training is held traditionally every year.

Is it always reflected in our foreign trade despite the fact that many training programs are organized? Obviously it is not possible to measure this with many factors. The study of “determining the foreign trade potential of the enterprises”, which is composed of the questions of the foreign trade culture, the management attitudes of the enterprises, the level of the foreign trade activities, the level of compliance of their products and capacities in external commercialization and the other information that can be expressed as the other, .

Many studies aimed at revealing the potential of an operator and determining which targets should be realized in the short and long run, while working on a product or country basis. It is aimed at business enterprises, chambers of industry and commerce, certain clusters and various business lines.

It is doubtful that the candidates who wish to work in the enterprises and foreign trade units will benefit from these trainings, unless it is determined whether the enterprises are structurally suitable for foreign trade. As long as we can not create a foreign trade culture on an enterprise basis, our foreign trade rates will not gain speed even if the number of foreign trade training increases. Increasing the foreign trade volume of the existing ones and the increase of the foreign trade volumes of the existing ones are in line with the level of our foreign trade culture. Foreign trade volume will also increase as long as the management mix of businesses, management, products, foreign trade units and other means can be managed well.


** “Determining the foreign trade potential of the enterprises” is a study of foreign trade development of InTraders International Market Research method.



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