Forest Fires

Massive forest fires broke out in numerous places in Turkey. All creatures found them in the center of fires. Left many of them.

There are many factors behind the fires. Although it is natural for forest fires to break out every summer, it is no coincidence that they start at the same time in many places.

You don’t need fire for anything to catch fire. A certain level of temperature is sufficient for the flame to form. Therefore, when a bottle or even a pressurized metal can reaches a certain temperature level, it will expand and explode and create a flame.

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Many people think that a fire will occur with a burning tool such as a lighter, but when any object reaches a certain degree of heat, it ignites with oxygen and the fire starts. Glass, bottles, closed metal cans (perfume, deodorant cans, etc.) thrown into wooded areas are the triggers of the danger that awaits us.

Another factor is conscious, deliberate fires, and those who make them are the killers of many living things. Criminals should be severely punished.
We hope that the fires can be extinguished as soon as possible and lives will be saved.




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