Guess what?

“A person who lacks confidence may already be practising their interpersonal skills hours prior to attending any meeting or presenting in front of a group – every single time.

A person who is unemployed may already be working on executing ideas bigger than your ability to think.

A person who doesn’t have perfect skin or hair may already have tried and tested numerous products in order to satisfy the societal delusions instilled into them from a tender age.

A person who is skinny may already be following a bunch of diet plans so as to put on some weight.

A person who didn’t get good grades may already have given themselves a hard enough time for not being able to surpass the societal and parental expectations.

A person who has acne scars may already avoid catching a glimpse of themselves in the mirror.

A person who is overweight may already be skipping meals every day because of mass cultural pressure. You don’t have to point out these things unless you have a magical cure for them which I highly doubt you do. Most people going through these things that you can so easily joke about are already pretty self-aware, therefore is no need to point it out, especially in a gathering. Practice kindness. You don’t know what people go through & trust me you don’t want to know”

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Dear, there are some proverbs like ” spread like wildfire” and “the dogs bark but the caravan goes on”, so no need to take notice of those people who are nasty. Remember those proverbs when they bother you…

Don’t forget some of us will always just do criticise, some of us just do consume but we will keep on producing… just focus on saving good memories…



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