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Wishing for good health”, we wish good health for the community by providing them with better ways and means for preparing and eating healthy food. The key for good health is a healthy diet, the diet becomes healthy when the food we eat come from the positive source, prepared in a positive and healthy environment, prepared by a positive person, serve and consume with positivity. All this activity is a part of a chain if any of the links in this chain have any negativity then the food, we are eating may not be healthy and positive.

We first look into the source of food we are eating; we have different sources like plants, trees, animals and sea food. We get fruits and vegetables from plants and trees, we get cereals, rice, pulses, etc. from crops. We are seeing a trend that more and more people are attracting towards Organic food; in simple word we can define Organic food as food which is grown and harvested by all naturals means with no chemical involved. If we go back a couple of centuries, we had farmers who prepare the food by all-natural means, like they use natural seed, natural fertilizers and they also depend on rainwater to harvest their crops, so in all means, their crops and food is automatically organic. Their motive is not to make a profit but to provide healthy food with a positive source of energy to their family and community. It shows their love, passion, and positivity during the whole process.

 Other means of food are animals, seafood, etc. when we look into the whole process of how they nurture, preserve and prepare the food out of these sources, we don’t see any love, affection or positivity in the whole process. Instead, we can only think of cruelty, bloodshed, violence, and negativity from the start till end, then how come such a source with so much negativity can be a good source of energy. We may think that all these means are a good source of energy in the form of protein, carbohydrate, calcium, minerals, and vitamins but the harsh truth is it’s a slow poison. We may not feel that in one day, month or year but it is eating our body over a period of time if we look back in the history that where all the infectious deceases on this planet came then the answer is one and only animals. There is a very popular show called “Monsters inside me”, this shows only talks about the deadliest deceases human being are getting from eating these animals and seafood. Most importantly killing these animals for food is one of the largest contributor climate change and global warming. So, I can’t understand how can animals and seafood is a healthy diet.

Environment & Culture

The second thing which is important is the environment where our food is prepared. If we look back In Indian Culture the old people don’t allow slippers in the kitchen as it contains all kind of dirt, bacteria and other negative things which can spread disease, in-fact the toilet was used to be outside their homes so the kitchen remains clean and full of positive energy and as we all know the most infectious place in our home is toilet. We also don’t leave dirty utensils overnight in the sink because it may potentially attract all kind of insects, bacteria and bad smell and not because it looks dirty to eyes. We wash the food before we prepare, we wash the dishes in which we prepare the food, we also wash our hands before we start making food and in old days people don’t even enter the kitchen until they took the shower. The only objective is to prepare hygienic food. That’s why it is so important to have a clean place and environment to prepare the food as it attracts positive energy.

The most important is who is preparing the food and what emotions are involved while preparing the food. We can eat at best of the best places but at last, we always say that my mother’s food is the best, the biggest reason is that the kind of love and emotions she has while preparing the food. It is very important to have a positive feeling while preparing the food so that energy can be passed to the person eating that food which makes the food and the person consuming it healthier if we have a negative feeling then we are passing the negative feelings to the person. Positive energy creates more positivity and in the same way, negative energy creates more negativity.

Likewise consuming the food with positive energy and love is very important too. If we eat food quickly without chewing properly then it won’t get digested fully so we have to chew the food properly so It can be a break to the tiniest particle which makes it easy to digest. The food you eat will give you the energy to work all day so it is very necessary to show affectionate towards the food we are eating. If every time before you consume food if you thank God for giving us the opportunity to consume food, thank the person for making the food for you, thank the nature to give you the source of food and thank food for giving you energy to live your life then it can make a huge difference and you will see how the same food can be healthier.

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Founder AAYUS

New Jersey. USA

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