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In Indonesia, toward the end of

In Indonesia, toward the end of Ramadhan month, activity going back and forth from the capital and another city that becoming destination for job seekers to other cities increased dramatically. The most significant number happen to the capital city, Jakarta. Generally, Jakarta has a very high traffic density that has started from 5AM to 10PM. Tens of thousands of public and private vehicles filled the streets of the capital.

Public transportation mode connected between the capital and its surrounding cities such as Bekasi, Tangerang, Depok, and Bogor is never empty of visitors, especially during pre and post office hours. Even the commuter line users must get ready to fight with other passengers, willing to stand without space, muscle or mouth compete between passengers to get into the carriage that will deliver them to arrive on time on their office. Commuter line is still be the best choice for most people because of its effectiveness either time or cost.

While public buses and private cars user, they must be willing to leave earlier than commuter liners to avoid traffic jam. Sometimes, a five minutes differences could affected to more than hour late on arrival. Nevertheless, the population of Jakarta and its surrounding areas has always increased from year to year with the increasing amount of more than 1 % per year (www.megapolitan. kompas.com). This showsed that the capital still has a tremendous value for Indonesian citizen.

In connection with the urbanization, the opposite scenery will be seen ahead of the Eid-al-Fitr day.Almost all migrants will return to their hometown to collect with their relatives. This situation is often used by the businessman to play the market price. Not only affect the price of transportation, but also affect to the basic needs prices. Consumptive behavior increased during the day, like buying new clothes and gives for relatives. Children become the happiest population because they will received money from adults.  The high price of transportation cost (for public transportation users) and long congestion (for privet car users) along the way hometown do not discourage their intention to re-assemble with parents and collages in the village.  In fact, the increasing of consumptive culture is also having a good impact on the wheels of the economy in Indonesia. The economy moves from the capital to the region. The area that usually very quiet, will suddenly become crowded at this time. Vehicles that fill the capital also moved to the villages seen from the congestion that goes to the villages. Riset data showed this potential of movement of money reached out at 90.08 trillion IDR. The funds flow through the transportation, generosity to relatives and tourist needs. 22.7 percent were used for transportation cost followed by the allocation of generous cost for relatives by 20.96 percent (agronesia.co.id). According to economic experts, money movement in Indonesia during homecoming day was increasing 12% that rise people’s purchasing power (www.ekonomi.kompas.com).

Vitriyanti Sukarno Karyo



Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia.

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