How to increase Labor productivity?

Economic literature highlights the significance of labor productivity for achieving economic growth and development. Various factors can increase labor productivity. Concentrating on more value-added activities and investing in advanced technology and automation systems enable reducing manual work and simplifying processes and accordingly increase the productivity of laborers. These activities should be controlled by effective management practices which ensure making proper plans and allocating tasks effectively. To achieve such goals, important management aspects should be considered, such as establishing practical objectives, offering prompt responses, and precise communication. In addition, encouraging employee involvement and enthusiasm is an effective way to increase productivity. Such a process can take place by acknowledging their efforts, supporting career progression, and cultivating a supportive workplace culture. Furthermore, providing them with the necessary sources, tools, and equipment. Moreover, recognizing their exceptional performance through bonuses or rewards can increase the productivity of laborers. Enhancing efficiency by minimizing complexity, removing obstacles, promoting cooperation, nurturing a spirit of teamwork, sharing knowledge and ideas, harnessing the power of team strengths, promoting flexible work arrangements, and recognizing the significance of employee well-being are all factors that enable increasing productivity resulting in fostering economic growth.

The 11th InTraders International Conference On Social Sciences and Education, 25-29 September 2023, İstanbul, Türkiye

Maya Moalla

I am a forest engineer (KTÜ). I completed my master's degree and PhD. in economics at Mersin University. I am interested in economic growth and development. Looking for academic positions.

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