so we’ve lived so far, so good

what have we figured out, not much

a thousand sides taken around a single table

if you’re blind to all that, then press on

I cry and I laugh

it’s the same old story

my man, this is the slippery law

I may fall along the way, but I won’t step in line

see, don’t break it

it’s called the heart, don’t slander, don’t regret

and if the world is a desert, don’t hold back

bring water to the mirage

if it’s that easy, come and relieve me of your love

this is the suffering saz, never play it in vain

so do I deserve you playing it

if it’s that easy, come and relieve me of your love

I am the suffering saz, never play me in vain17

so do I deserve you playing me

I won’t sell out! this cause is both my master and my pasha

it’s through my pain that I discover myself

and it’s those who resist who manage to live

Source: https://lyricstranslate.com



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