In today’s world the customers are the first priority of any brand. Beside 4Ps (Price, Place, Promotion and Placement) there are other techniques to attract and retain customers. The marketing industry booming day by day because today’s customer understand the marketing concept. Trend of brand has become a status symbol in our society. From children to adults everyone is brand attentive. Now-a-days people are very much passionate about brand. Pakistan is a developing country and most of the people are destitute the simple and vital needs of life but still our society is very much keen of brand especially in youth and the lower-middle class. Consumer want new and unique remarkable experiences while shopping. Youth is aware about brand because they consider that with different brands they catch the attention of people.

Brand credibility refers to the reliability, trust dispersions, claim-justification and consistently delivering what is promised. Brand credibility is a very important factor and has a significant impact on the effective commitment of the consumers. If an organization provide brand credibility to its customers then it will increase their brand commitment and enhance their customer’s relationship with them.   

Brand credibility is essential to all businesses. The profitability of any business based on economic growth and trade. To meet the requirements of the customers, some brands focus on the quality of product/services that they offer and conformable environment to attract and retain customers. The moderating effect of quality of product creates awareness among the consumers to choose the reliable brand to minimize risks. Quality of product act as a strong bridge between the brand credibility relationships with brand commitment and provide a great contribution towards the company to get more profit and growth in the market or in products as compare to their rivals.

Respect others, love others and care others.

Fatima, Pakistan

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