Impact of Collaboration on Organization Development

Collaboration means when two individuals or a group of people work together towards attaining a mutual goal by giving out their ideas and skills. It can happen in conventional or as well as in virtual teams. It considered a key success factor for companies. Collaboration joint individuals in a team by which quality and speed improved in all sectors of organization and as a result overall productivity goes to increase. The purpose of the collaboration is to raise success by encouraging open communication and gives motivation to employees for achieving their galas successfully across all organization levels. It can be implemented in any category of an organization like customer service, government, nonprofit organization and, education.


Types of workplace collaboration:

  1. Group brainstorming: it is an excellent chance for every team member to share their ideas and discuss with each other to finalize the discussion that will help to increase every one performance level by this communication level improve and also raise trust in each other.
  2. Mixed-skilled teams:  By purposely choosing employees with diverse surroundings which ultimately may produce innovative ideas and increase the organizational performance.
  3. Open discussion:  This facilitates to break down hierarchical limitations and gives everyone a chance to speak. 
  4. Providing Value- by working together as team employees will receive mutual benefits for the organization as well as for the group.

General collaboration skills for a team member:

Every team member have some skills by which they can easily generate profitable outcomes or also increase the organizational development and its reputation on a higher level like give a proper attention to the everyone perspective, Analyze problems in a smart way, Give quickly enthusiastically brainstorm solutions, make agreement about goals, Delegate tasks and Openness to new ideas.

Benefits of Workplace Collaboration

  • Faster-paced innovation
  • Increased efficiency
  • Employee skill-building
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Promotes self-analysis
  • Rapidly problem-solving
  • It makes you look at the bigger picture
  • The pooling of talent and strengths
  • Development of employee skills
  • Enhance employee retention and job satisfaction
  • Make customers more satisfied

So, collaboration is the only way for us to move towards higher advancement. Now the organizations are progressively more appreciating the importance of collaboration and looking for ways to promote it within their teams in both conventional and virtual ways. Encouraging collaboration among employees to achieves organizational goals in terms of higher productivity.

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Sidra Ghafoor

Sidra Ghafoor, University Of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

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