Impact of Training and Development on Nursing and Technical Staffs’ Performance and Motivation: A case of secondary health care sector at Shamsi hospital Karachi.

Hina Zahoor
Ghulam Muhammad
Mohammad Ali
Jinnah University

Training and development is one of the major issues in every organization. It is the only way to develop organizational intellectual property. Through the development of employee knowledge, skills, ability, competencies and performance, training provide benefits to the employees and organization The role of training and development programs and practices empower top managements to construct healthier working environment that improves and increase the level of motivation, commitment and loyalty of employees to their performance. Our study focuses to find out the impact of training and development on nurses’ and technical staffs’ performance and on their work motivation in secondary health care unit as there is scarcity of data related to secondary health care unit. Two hypotheses are analyzed by using convenient sampling technique.. Hypothesis is formulated and tested with different statistical tools in the study. Quantitative research is conducted through Questionnaire which was filled by the nursing and technical staff at Shamsi Hospital. Qualitative research was done by conducting interviews. For quantitative data analysis, I applied reliability, descriptive, linear regression and correlation coefficient through IBM SPSS21.while analyzing qualitative data, I followed transcribing, coding and categorizing steps. Results demonstrate the positive relationship between Independent variable (Training and development) and Dependent Variables (Employee Performance and Work Motivation. Besides the above findings I also found that reward system also affects the motivational level of employees.
Keywords: Secondary health care unit, Training and Development, Work Motivation, Employee’s performance, Expectancy theory
JEL Code: M, M53

II. InTradersUluslararası Ticaret Kongresi Kongre Kitabı
The Second InTraders International Conference on International Trade Conference Book editör: Kürşat Çapraz
İstanbul: Hiperlink Yayınları, 2018.



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