Impact of Workplace Burnout on Work Life Balance of Teachers in Education Sector of Pakistan

Ummara Yousaf, Faizan Khan, Samia Tariq
University of Central Punjab (UCP) Business School, Lahore, Pakistan

Through continuous interaction, management and employees union (CBA) institutionalize many aspects of their relationship. The most debatable between them is conflict. The conflict between management and CBA within industries has been noted as a global phenomenon in the current era. There are many faces of conflict and their outcomes. In most studies of conflict, authors preferred for managing the disputes, which refers to settlement through formally derived collective bargaining. Even, after the signature of Charted Of Demand, at Lahore, management and CBA have almost daily interaction on routine issues which is causing conflict. Therefore, it has been observed some causes of conflict and its impact. In this study, the perspective of social exchange theory, explore the mechanism through the conflict between management & CBA and its subsequent outcomes, as well as the boundary conditions on these effects. It posits that conflict’s outcome focusing on people management. Well in previous studies that examine the direct effect of industrial conflict on productivity, this article will give an overview of the mediated link through behavior, enforcement of legal rights and trust. Social exchange theory provides the foundation for the prediction that causes of industrial conflict, which is turn, affect by People management. The test of the research model will relies on stratified random sampling technique. The data will analyze through well-known statistical techniques and result regarding theiranswers will interpret. The final finding of this research will help full for collectivebargaining agreement and as well for management at BSP and as well for other manufactureplant who have unionized system.

Keywords: Industrial Conflict, CBA-Management Relationship, Collective Bargaining, Trust, Behavior, legal rights, People Management
Jel Code: M12: Personnel Management
Corresponding author: Waqar un Nisa

InTraders Uluslararası Ticaret Kongresi = InTraders international conference on international trade
(II. : 2018: Sakarya)
II. InTraders uluslararası ticaret kongresi: özet kitabı = The second InTraders international conference
on international trade : abstract book / editörler Kürşat Çapraz, Mustafa Yılmaz. – İstanbul: Hiperlink



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