Inner-city transportation

It makes your travel easier or not...


There are many famous cities to visit. When we get into the city you experince some challanges like inner city transport. Especialy from airport to city center you are decieved %90 once. It’s tai driver jest in your life once. but after your second or third  visit you have enough knowledge about city. For exapmle from airport to city center of bucharest, it is 10 euro, but there are puplc busses it is very cheap and clean. However you are stranger in a cirty you first decide it. Especially Bucharest inner city transport by metro is very wasy and comfort. Every metro line crosses in the city center.  Istanbul is little both difficult and insomuch easy. The metro line takes you to the other point of city. If you stay in İstanbul for a week, we perefer you ;İstanbul Kart, it is cheap and confort way of transport. If your group is 3 or more we perefer you taxi in Istanbul, cause avarage cost one point to other point is about 5 dollars. One metro ticket is almost 1 usd, so for groups taxi is better choice. Lohore, Pakistan is little different. Its taxi cost is very cheap, you may visit whole city by taxi with little money.  Riga, Latvia taxi costs little expensive if you are from eastern. Their exchange rate is neck and nect to pound so it affects costs negatively againts to consumers. Budapest is lovely but small city. You may bored after 2-3 days. And transport is much more easir by taxi like Riga and Lahore. Baku and Almaty are strange cities. Metro line in Baku is best confortable way. for Almaty you  hitch and negogiate with driver. every car driver has potential to take you. There is no obstacle for private car owners to work as a taxi, so it makes your inner city transport easier. Skopje is lovely city . Vardar river… Turkish  bazaar and its nature takes you in beautiful holiday.But we dont prefer you to stay in skopje more than 3-4 days, you should visit Macedonian other cities like Ohrid…..

When we compare them İstanbul has more places and easier inner city transport….

The lives are not limited within films… get out and awake sense of your wonder!!!




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  1. Useful information, your decision-making skills are already proven. I would like to visit Riga, I will request more info if I decide to. I am glad that you are satisfied with the Romanian public transportation, because tourists are usually reluctant to travelling by taxi anywhere, due to the charlatans drivers.

  2. Riga is lovely city, countryside is very nice. The sea is very dark but little salty however I like. The night clubs are very popular and very crowded at the weekends. I had once trouble with taxi driver and I called taxi, the police was helpful on phone. I prefer Riga only the problem is exchange rate….. I hope it changed little… in summer maximum degree is 22-25 too much rainy, morning sunny afternoon terrible rainy…. If u want to go u should choose July or middle of August….

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