International Trade

Foreign Trade of Turkey

International trade is very important especially for developing countries. Turkey is an important importer partner for many countries in international trade arena.. Its import is over than exports. It has 215 import partners and 220 export partners. number of import products; 4,354 and number of export products:4293. (https://wits.worldbank.org/CountryProfile/en/Country/TUR/Year/LTST  Access:25 June 2018). So it shows that Turkey is  important market for  importers and exporters with its huge trade volume. It almost imports same export products. For Turkey traders however they search the markets, they have potential to enter the all markets. By this view, the knowledge of market may take vital role in entering markets.

https://wits.worldbank.org/CountryProfile, 25 June 2018.




Kürşat Çapraz, administrative staff at Sakarya University (2008-...), Secretary of InTraders Academic Platform. PhD Student, Labour Economics, Looking for academic position,

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