Journey as a learning process

I have just returned from a long and fascinating tour of Turkey. As part of my life-long interest in the Orient, I decided to undertake this journey and discover some of Turkey’s most renowned and interesting cities. Right from the beginning, I planned my trip as a cultural and culinary adventure in Anatolia. With the help of my great friends Kursat and Sayyad, I could finish this journey in excellent conditions. Thus, I take this opportunity to thank them from the bottom of my heart!

I visited lots of representative places for the Turkish culture, history and gastronomy: Sakarya, Konya, Goreme, Șanliurfa and Rize, so, I almost went through all the major regions of Turkey.

During my trip, I met a lot of beautiful and hospitable people pertaining to different social and ethnic backgrounds, I tried delicious food and I had a great time. Besides all these, I visited two of the most iconic and ancient sites on Earth: Göbekli Tepe and Çatalhöyük. I had Nemrut Dagi on my list but I did not have enough time. I intend to design another tour of Turkey to visit other places.

Next year I hope I will be able to visit Pakistan (Karachi, Islamabad, Taxila, Lahore, Gilgit, Skardu, Hunza, Passu, Khunjerab Pass, Chitral and Swat, maybe Peshawar as well) and India, of course, my beloved India (New Delhi, Agra, Amritsar, Dharamshala, Calcutta and maybe Trivandrum; in India, I want to meet the Kalbelias, the snake charmers, the masters of singing and dancing).

I hope the pandemic will stop soon and we will meet all again!

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